Project: GT Theme Blocks for Georgia Tech 2018 Web Theme (IAC Advanced)


Project Group: Georgia Tech

Project Type: Modules

Project Status: Unpublished

Development Status: Under active development

Maintenance Status: Actively maintained

Summary: Provides blocks needed to create the standard Georgia Tech 2018 Web Theme layout on a Drupal 8 website. This module works in conjunction with the IAC provided Georgia Tech 2018 Web Theme package.

This is an unofficial theme implementation that attempts to adhere to the 2018 theme guidelines set by Georgia Tech Institute Communications. While this module is configured to look to the IAC repository for updates, it is provided as-is and no promise of any kind is made for future support or updates (even security updates) is made.

    8.x Project Status URL:

  • 8.x-2018.2

    Release Date: Nov 26, 2018

    Release Level: Production

    Release File: gt_themeblocks-8.x-2018.2.tar.gz [ad161f93935c2ea51fbd0a53febffad7]

    Release Flags: New features

    • Changes version scheme to year based (2018 / 18)
    • Puts version number into BODY tag as class, allowing for conditional CSS for interim version 2018 final themes
  • 8.x-2.7

    Release Date: Mar 16, 2018

    Release Level: Production

    Release File: gt_themeblocks-8.x-2.7.tar.gz [01d123eda358564273adbb4930045b1b]

    Release Flags: Bug fixes, New features

    * Added NAV with correct ARIA roles around footer legal links
    * Rewrote menu block code so that more than one menu block can co-exist on the same page